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Drugs/Alcohol & Mental Health

" N.S.Saini has worked in various Drug/ Alcohol and mental health residential services apart from his Post Graduate Diploma in this field from the University of Auckland. He is skilled to help any patient with A/D and Mental Health problems."

Substance abuse and pregnancy

drug If you are thinking to get pregnant or are pregnant then homoeopathy is one of the safe intervention to help you in the skilled and experienced hands of N.S.Saini. Effect on mother During pregnancy, the body handles the drugs and alcohol differently which can result in some drugs more harmful to you and your baby. There is also likelihood of overdose and accidents.Effect on baby,  You and your baby are connected by placenta though umbilical cord and the drugs can pass the placenta causing immense harm to the baby because baby’s body can not eliminate drugs from the body as you can so the chemicals can build up to high levels in the baby causing permanent damage, moreover the fetus is very sensitive to the chemicals and can not choose not to take drugs whereas you can get help to help the fetus.
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Services are provided with respect, non judgemental and confidential.

  • Assessment
  • Screening
  • Develop inerventions and programmes with the client that suits most.
  • Detox- naturally with evidence based homoepathic medicines as one of the interventions (So no cross dependency on prescription drugs)
  • Counselling and relapse prevention services
  • Liaise with other residential drug and alcohol service providers
  • Family support

How much is how much?

  • One standard drink is 10gms of pure alcohol (12.5ml of pure alcohol)
  • 1 beer 5% 330 ml–1.6 tandard drinks
  • i glass of wine 13% 175 ml –2.3 std drinks
  • spirit 40% 25 ml (single)- 1 std drink
  • Beer 4.0% 568ml (Pint) –2.3 std drinks

Permitted amount of alcohol /week

  • For women 14 standard drinks per week
  • For Men 21 standard drinks per week
  • 6 or more than 6 standard drinks at one time is binge drinking