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Cases of Tumor Remission with Homeopathy


Thanks for landing at this article of Cases of Tumor Remission with Homeopathy. I will discuss the cases of tumors, cysts etc of my clinic with some information about cancer. Through this article, I would like to inform how a well qualified experienced homeopathic physician can improve the quality of life in such cases.

Life starts from a single cell, which divides repeatedly and strangely undergoes differentiation to attain different shapes and organize to form different organs. They make a particular organ and then stop further division once a particular organ is formed and ultimately whole body is formed.


From childhood to puberty there is further cell division for the growth and which again stops at the adult age and then there is cell division which keeps on going throughout life only to maintain and renew the dead cells.


Tumor remission with homeopathy has shown results in many cases. Medical science has come to know a little about it that why and how the cells form different organs from a single cell and then they stop further growth once an organ is formed and how it is maintained during the adult life. All these questions are still a mystery and many factors play part in this endeavour of self-preservation by the immune system.


Tumor or neoplasm is a new growth, which may be benign or malignant (Cancerous). In fact cancer is a Greek word, which means crab as it invades the surrounding structures and clings like a crab whereas benign tumors does not.


Cancer is the 2nd important cause of death in the western world contrary to coronary artery disease. The commonest sites of cancer are the lung, large intestine and breast. The incidence of colonic, prostratic and bladder cancer has also increased in the past decade. Cancer in the third and fourth decade of the age is more common in women than men but men are at greater risk than women between 60 and 80 years of age whereas in children it is more common between 3 and 13 years of age.


Whereas in cancer, the cells do not differentiate and organize to form a particular organ rather keep on dividing uncontrolled resulting in forming a growth (tumor) which is the end result of some cause.


Cancer does not develop in one day. It is a sequence of events, which takes time to create such damage to our immune system and results in forming a cancerous tumor? In this sequence of events it has been found that there is:


  1. Initiation: Where DNA is changed by carcinogenic factors.
  2. Period of latency: When the initiated cells may develop into a tumor in favorable environment only (some growth promoting factors).
  3. Promotion: If the favorable environment is removed these tumors revert back and the condition is still reversible.
  4. Progression: This is the autonomous stage when the permanent changes have taken place and the disease is clinically diagnosed.


The external factors (carcinogens) causing these events may be like tobacco (which causes lung, mouth, larynx, esophagus and bladder cancer), alcohol, diet, reproductive and sexual behavior, occupation, pollution, virus infections, geographic distribution and last but not the least the medicines, Internal factors may be prolonged mental or physical stress or genetics.


When I traced back the history of all my patients with cancer it was found that they had some sort of recurring or chronic problems which were generally not diagnosed at that stage because they didn’t fit in some nomenclature of the so called diseases and they have tried to suppress with so called modern medicines for example recurrent headaches, unexplained weakness, unexplained low-grade sadness or not a feeling of well being, prolong living or working unwillingly in a stressful environment, having some recurrent problem for which they have to take  medications for long time or illnesses caused by medications. Some of these patients have even positive family history of cancer. So the carcinogens and favorable environment is necessary for this disease to occur.


Whenever there is deviation in the normal health it is presented with symptoms and signs even if we cannot find any proof by the clinical tests and are unable to diagnose as a disease entity. It is at this stage of sequence of events when homoeopathy can still reverse the changes because we can treat effectively these symptoms and signs with Homoeopathic medicines even if enough physical changes have not taken place to label it as a disease entity. In homoeopathy, we have medicines, which have been proved to produce similar clinical states so they are capable of curing these one may call as precancerous states. This is the law of cure ‘SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR’ which means like cures likes. This is the nature’s law of cure used in homoeopathy where the power of a medicine to produce a particular set of symptoms are used to cure same symptoms when they are present in a patient. Like vaccinations provide protection because they can produce mild but same illness in the body.


The latest research has found that cancer does not spread centrifugaly around the tumor but it spreads, even in the beginning, through the blood in the form of micrometastases (very small number of cells). So by operating and giving radiotherapy at a tumor site we are removing the aggregation of cancerous cells at one place only. Chemotherapy is directed towards palliating the metastasis, but what about the past background, which has resulted in this illness? These aggressive treatments are although well suppressive but have their own damaging side effects causing further burden to the immunity and what happens to the quality of life? You can see yourself if you see a patient but I have seen patients who have undergone radiation and chemotherapy, dying not because of cancer but because of the side effects causing organ failure specially the liver.


Now, I will discuss some cases of tumor remission with homeopathy.


It is a known fact in homeopathy that if we suppress a disease then it tends to come at some other place in a different form. This is what I have found repeatedly for example in this particular case of cancer breast:


 Case 1 (Cancer Breast):  A lady of 41 years age, Mrs. x came in July 1998 with a tumor in her left breast which was diagnosed after mammogram and biopsy as cancerous. She was advised by the oncologist to undergo partial mastectomy (removal of tumor) followed by radiotherapy. She accepted though not happily. Now, after 9 months, she developed sever pain in the lower abdomen which she never had before and on ultra sound it has been found that she has developed a tumor in the ovary. See how the body reacts to suppression.


Once a patient is diagnosed having cancer, a dreadful name, it gives a shock, anxiety and depression. Generally patients are scared of these aggressive treatments specially on knowing their potent side effects. So they start looking about alternative health options.


Homoeopathy is an often overlooked treatment for cancer, patients remain confused to take a decision when they keep on searching some one who have the skill and experience to understand their disease and can give satisfactory answer to their questions.


The Government of India accepts homoeopathy as an official health care system. While working for 12 years in the Government Homoeopathic Hospital in India, I had the opportunity to admit patients  with tumors in my ward, investigate with various laboratory tests and interact with other specialists. I have experienced good results with Homoeopathic treatment and was able to provide a good quality of life to the cancer patients.


I have tumor remission with homeopathy in benign as well as malignant tumors, which we can see in the following cases:


Case 2 (Cancer Breast): Ms xx noted a tumor in her left breast in Nov. 1996 and went to her GP who refereed her to a specialist. By the 11th Dec 1996 she had a mammogram was done and the specialist wrote:


Thank you for referring this patient who presented with a lump in the left breast. She had a mammogram, which confirmed the probable diagnosis of carcinoma in the central medial left breast region……………. Opinion and Plan: We have performed a fine needle aspiration cytology examination……….my recommendation is for her to have a left partial mastectomy and lymph node clearance…


On 24th April 1997 another biopsy (FNA) was done which showed:

The specimen is markedly cellular and consists of many large sheets and cell groups of epithelial cells with moderate to marked nuclear sized variations. Atypical single cells are also noted…. infiltrating ductal carcinoma.


On 17th August 1997 she was reassessed, and it was found that she has a cancerous tumor in the right breast also. A bone scan showed some lesion in the vertebra and ribs. So, she was advised mastectomy (removal of breasts) and lymph nodes and followed by chemotherapy.


She consulted me on 7/6/97 and saw her all the reports. I explained her technical pros and cons of Homoeopathic treatment particularly in her case and she felt it easier to take a decision. She is a very well-read person about her illness. She decided that she would go ahead with Homoeopathic treatment contrary to the conventional treatment and advice. I asked her on 21st of April 1999 that why she decided for Homoeopathic treatment and what is her condition now? Then she replied as:


‘I was very nervous and confused when I was diagnosed having breast cancer.

I discussed with my GP and the specialist, oncologist. After the discussion with the oncologist I was advised to have mastectomy and chemotherapy. I was afraid and knew the drastic side effects that it is going to change my body chemistry and it will not cure but only palliate for some time. I didn’t want to get my immune system destroyed, which would have made it harder for my body to fight the illness.

If I would have opted for conventional treatment, then they would have full control and I have to just watch and let them do to my body what ever they want, and I would have no control?


Whereas in the alternative health care the body is supported to fight the illness. But in the beginning, I was confused and afraid to go for the alternative treatment. I felt confident and reassured when I discussed with Dr N.S. Saini about the Homoeopathic treatment because he has the medical as well as Homoeopathic knowledge, so I started homoeopathic treatment under Dr. N.S.Saini’s care. As the time passed, I became more and surer that I have taken a right decision. I feel very good now and enjoy a good quality of life.’


Her liver function tests, kidney function tests and blood count etc. were monitored on Nov 96, Jun 97, Jul 97, Nov 97, Feb 1999 were found to be normal except occasional slightly low seg. Neutrophils. She has gained weight and looks more beautiful than she came for the first time. At present, she is busy with her full time professional job and it is now 4 years and 7 months since she first noticed a lump in her breast. From such cases it seems as if cancer is not a deadly disease anymore if treated with homoeopathic medicines by a well-qualified homoeopathic physician (trained in homoeopathic hospitals).


Case No 3 (Benign ovarian cyst): A lady from west Auckland came who complained of sleeplessness, left ovarian cyst and was tearful. She had ovarian cyst in the right ovary 2 years back, which was treated by some other homoeopath for about a year, but nothing happened and ultimately it was operated. So now after 2 years she has come with another cyst in the left ovary. The ultra sound was done on 15.5.97 and the report is as given below:



XxxxxxxHospital, Auckland

Radiology report


Pelvic Sonogram showed:  The left ovarian cyst has grown in size and complexity. It now measures 43´34´42 mm in size and has become more complex.



Then she was referred to the specialist by her GP who advised on 29th May 1997as:

Ms xx returned to the clinic today for follow up. The left ovary has grown in size and complexity and would certainly favor that she has removal of her remaining ovary and a hysterectomy.


Yours Sincerely

Clinical Director- Gynae/Oncology.


Then she brought this report and films of the scan to me and on seeing it I took a decision that I will help her with homeopathic treatment.


She had discussions about Homoeopathic treatment with the specialist whose report is as given below.


5th June 1997


I had another talk with Ms xxx today in the clinic. ………………………..I have had another discussion with her and again recommended that she have removal of her remaining ovary and preferably hysterectomy at the same time. She has strong beliefs however about Homoeopathic medicine being able to help and is not prepared to make a decision for surgery at the moment. She wants to think about this and let her Homoeopathic medicine work for a couple of months. She will then return with a further ultrasound scan and I think may then be prepared to consider surgery.


I have made it clear that our recommendation is strongly that she have removal of the ovary with the cyst in it because it is highly likely to be a further borderline tumor and the longer this is left, the greater the risk that this could become more difficult to remove technically particularly if it grew into any surrounding tissue such as close to the bowel, pelvic vessels or bladder.


Yours Sincerely


Clinical Director-Gynae/Oncology


I also discussed with the patient and took a decision that I will continue the treatment. Then on 7th August, 1997 (after 3 months of the homoeopathic treatment) an ultra sound scan was again repeated and the report is as given below:




Ultra Sound Copy


Indications: Complex left ovarian cyst noted on the last scan.


Findings: The complex left ovarian cyst has resolved. The left ovary is now unremarkable in appearance………….no other abnormality…


I repeated her scan again after few months and it was normal.


See how this patient has been saved from a 2nd major surgery. This case demonstrates the efficacy of homoeopathy in well-trained hands.


We can also help considerably with Homoeopathic treatment to the patients who are already on conventional treatment and improve their quality of life.


Case 4(Cancer Prostrate):

A patient of 63 years age came who was already diagnosed as having carcinoma prostrate with lymphoma. He also had a very bad Chronic suppurative otitis media (Chronic Middle Ear Infection)and was also suffering from Parkinson’s disease..


10/04/96- C.T scan revealed: ……2.5 cm diameter prostrate carcinoma…

03/05/96 -Bone Scan: normal

19/02/97- X Ray Chest: …Swelling of the lower pole of the right hilum with presence of a mass…. appearances consistent with…given the patients history, is most likely to be Lymphoma.

04/06/97- X Ray Chest: The right inferior hilar mass is smaller than on previous examination…improved appearances.

8/12/98 C.T Scan:  There is evidence of skeletal metastases from the previous prostrate cancer.


His prostrate was operated and he was on chemotherapy, which has been stopped. Then some bone metastases developed but he was helped with homeopathic treatment as an adjunct to the conventional therapy, for all his other problems, which came, because of his low immunity. He was given supportive Homoeopathic treatment to keep his immunity at a better status as far as possible and he enjoyed considerably good quality of life with the Homoeopathic treatment and went for a overseas tour. He did quite well for about four and half years after which his condition stated deteriorating with metastasis and parkinsonism resulting in a very calm death though he was quite alert and communicative till his death.


Case 5 : (  Brain Tumour- Malignant Glioma):

This case was treated by Dr. Amitav Ghosh and has been published in The British Homoeopathic Journal (July 1991, Vol 80, Nov.3).

A patient of 59 years presented on 23/12/83 with grand mal epilepsy. EEG readings showed persistent right temporal abnormality, but the x-ray of the skull and isotope brain scan were normal. He was prescribed (phenytoin (a conventional medicine) which kept his condition under control for two and half years.

On June1986 he again presented with drowsiness and confusion. A ct scan showed a right frontal intrinsic tumor with swelling spreading into the temporal region causing the displacement of the mid line structures of the brain. He was diagnosed as a case of malignant glioma. He was given homoeopathic treatment and a subsequent ct scan on 22 August 1989 reveled that there was much improvement- reduction in the size of the tumor, greatly reduced swelling and no displacement of the midline structures. Symptomatically the patient was much improved. This again demonstrates the efficacy of ‘tumor remission with homoeopathy’ treatment in such disorders.


Homeopathy is an often-overlooked treatment for cancer but as I have exemplified, it can be helpful in various situations, assessed on a case-by-case basis. So, Homoeopathic medicines can be helpful in various situations, however, the results may vary from case to case.


Last but not the least, it is advisable that in such serious conditions, like tumors, cysts, or for any it is better to consult a professional or a homoeopathic physician for “tumor remission with homeopathy” who has the clinical skills to understand the disease and experience to act rationally in the best interest of the patient.

Tumor remission with homeopathy


Dr.N.S.Saini is an eminent homeopathic physician who lectured for 10 years at Nehru Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Delhi University and worked as a physician in various departments of the attached Homeopathic Hospital. He has got 30 years clinical experience. His Post Graduate Diploma from the University of Auckland specializing in alcohol/ drugs and mental health has broadened the horizon of his clinical acumen. He is detoxifying the drug/ alcohol dependents and patients having mental problems using homeopathic medicines.

For further information contact: Dr. N.S.Saini, 0061 451554123.